Richard Tan ( Bone Spurs )

richard-tan000133_1-300x241Hello, everybody, I am Richard Tan from Singapore, I remember very clearly in June 26th, by chance I encountered May Goh, she introduced me to this product. Initially, I assumed it as a normal health supplement. Since I was caught in a traumatic accident at my work place, I have suffered very serious back pain complications for a long time. I have deliberately tried various methods with intentions to relieve my agony such as: attending trail sessions on foot roller equipments and physiotherapy bed etc, but with no avail. I have also attended X-rays and various treatment injections sessions in central hospital, I was being diagnosed and was told that I suffered from bone spurs that was due to bone aging as I am getting older. I start consuming DNA Life Deer Placenta Essence since June 2012, with dosage of respectively one capsule in the morning and one in evening, and my surprise; I found that my pain gradually disappeared. During 2nd August, I was back to central hospital for medical re examination; the attending doctor informed me that my illness disappeared! And my next medical checkup appointment is fixed at 2nd August2013; that is next year! Thank you very much; I am very grateful that this product has helped restore my wellbeing!

Pat Ang ( Diabetes )

Pat-Ang000050_1-300x241Hello everybody, I’m Pat Ang from Singapore. I love to eat good foods, and my doctor had frequently cautioned me about treat of diabetes symptoms should I ignore my health conditions and lifestyle; however, to my dismay, doctor’s warning unfortunately happened. After more than a year, I was on medication every day with severe hair residing problems, and was advised not to stop medicine dosage prescribed. I inadvertently took part in the DNA LIFE GLOBAL activities held in Genting, during end of July 2012, and was convinced to give a trial to this wonderful product, after the lecturer’s product sharing session. I returned to Singapore without adhering to diabetes medicine dosage, and instate, consume 2 DNA Life Deer Placenta Essences soft gels. About 7-10 days thereafter, through my own blood sugar diagnosis, I obtained the reading of 10-14. And two weeks later, I was surprised that my test result dropped to the desired 6.1 ! And amazingly, the reading maintained till now! This product is very effective especially for my diabetes complications! If it could fosters positive result to my complications, it would do the same to others too! And undoubtedly, I have confidence in this product!

Ng An Sim ( Epidermis Peeling on Fingers )

Ng-An-Sim000021_1-300x241My name is An Sim from Kuantan, Malaysia; I have been enjoying healthy living this far, with exception to complication of white peeling patches on my ten fingers since two years ago. I have been consuming numerous healthcare products and simultaneously applying various creams with hope to resolve this annoying complication but ended up with no avail. Three weeks ago, a friend introduced me to DNA Life Deer placenta Essence, and I decided to give a trial by consuming two soft gel capsules a day. Amazingly after three weeks, the epidermis peeling complication of my fingers disappeared; everything is normalized with no traces of white patches too! In addition, due to aging process, it is common phenomenal to have a thin unpleasant looking neck, especially appeared ugly in the mirror. Since I began consuming DNA Life Deer Placenta Essence, I have on daily basis observing myself in the mirror, and I am very happy to discover that the situation improved steadily by the weeks. I wish to hereby sincerely express my heartiest appreciations to DNA LIFE GLOBAL! Thank You DNA Life!


Madam Chua ( Weight Loss )

madamchua000059_1-300x241Hi everybody, I’m Madam Chua from KL, and I got to know DNA Life Deer Placenta Essence through a friend from Singapore. When I started my intake, I experienced minor bone ache, and with continuous consumption, the symptoms subsided two weeks later. Thereafter, my colleagues and my boss were checking with me with regards to any beauty treatments/injections that I had subscribed; which had lead to the faded out pigmentation spots on my face and my absolute transformations! I was overweight by nature, but subsequent to intake of third bottle of DNALife Deer Placenta Essence, I acquired a total weight lost of 8 Kg! In addition, I had suffered parathyroid symptom and was advised by my doctor to remove the lump on my neck. To my surprise, the lump disappeared with my neck reduced by an inch! My brother was on ecstasy drugs, looking unpleasantly thin in feature, I decided to deliver to him 5 bottles of DNA Life Deer Placenta Essence for his consumption. To date, he is not on drugs anymore! He has restored his good look and optimum body weight! The 60 years old boss of mine was laden with bodily weakness, suffered weak limbs with mobility restrictions and not a consumer of any health supplement. After intake of 5 bottles of the amazing DNA Life Deer Placenta Essence, he regained his youthful looks; and has jokingly remarked about his future marriage to a 28 year old pretty lad. I have a friend Irene who was suffering from bone spur complications, his 10 years of spur agony was effectively alleviated upon consumption of the wonderful DNA Life Deer Placenta Essence! She is my business partner now!

KC Teng ( Uric Acid )

kcteng000121_1-300x241I’m KC Teng from Kuantan, Malaysia. I have suffered from uric acid complications since two years ago, the occasional attack of the symptom constantly made me roll on the ground in due to the unbearable pains; analgesic injections and pain killers intake were my only solutions. I was restrained from eating peanut and alcoholic beverages. I was introduced to DNA Life Deer Placenta Essence by chance; and after 5 days of intake, I sensed the recurrence of uric acid symptom with aching pains. As it was considered as recovery reactions, I decided not attend analgesic injection, and proceeded with further product intake till the eighth day; to my surprise, the symptom subsided and I was able to put on my shoes again then! Subsequently, I dared myself by taking peanuts and shots of beer again, but the agonizing symptoms seemed disappeared! Thank you very much for blessing me with the amazing DNALife Deer Placenta Essence! Thank You DNA Life Global management team!.

Chris Yong ( Chin Tumor )

chris-yong000030_1-300x241Hi everybody. I am Chris Yong from Singapore,. Three months ago, I had a large tumor formation located on my chin with unknown causes even after numerous X-rays and blood tests screenings. Doctor advised me to be hospitalized for possibility of tumor removal operations. Changes in medications and medical consultants seemed in vain. In the month of June this year, through esteemed recommendation of Miss May Goh, I started consuming DNA Life Deer Placenta Essences with dosage frequency of one soft gel every morning. 21 days thereafter, my tumor was gone! Thanks to the company for bringing me such wonderful product and also a viable careers opportunity!