Korean Ginseng Powder

The Exclusivity of DNA Life  Korean Ginseng Powder :

- 6 years old Korean Ginseng being the only derivative of  DNA Life Korean Ginseng Powder.

- Processed through state-of-the-art technology to completely preserve its natural efficacious factors.

- High technology Low temperature extraction to ensure effective reductions of Ginseng’s “dryness and heatiness” properties, thereby making it a pivotal choice of health-tonic to all.

Who requires DNA Life Ginseng replenishments?

Fatigue; Degenerative bodily energy; Insomnia and weak memory; Headache and dizziness; Frequent cold and flu; Degenerative bodily strength; Short breath and panting; intolerance of chills and cold; restlessness and distress;  sallow and emaciated; impotency and prospermia;  gynecological asexuality and anemia;     excessive discharge of leukorrhea etc.

DNA Life Ginseng effectively help restores your health.


DNA Life Ginseng effectively regulates the following conditions:


-Elevate immune power.  Strengthen bodily immune functions, prevents virus attack.

- Alleviates sterility and infertility complications.   Effectively strengthens male seminal functions and regulates uterine functions

- Replenishes Vital Qi; Strengthens mental states.  Anti fatigue, calming, tranquilizing, relief stress, improve productivity.

- Regulates blood pressure.  Bidirectional functions of Ginseng  effectively normalizes respectively both high and low pressure.

- Promotes blood circulation.  Anti formation of blood thrombus, prevent stroke occurrence,  cardiovascular blockage, alleviates rheumatic aches caused by poor blood circulations.

- Alleviates diabetic symptoms.  Activates pancreas cells, promotes normalized insulin secretion.

- Strengthen gastrointestinal assimilation functions.  Ginseng demonstrates phenomenal efficiencies in alleviating indigestion, assimilation complications, poor apatite, constipation and anemia.

- Delays aging process, anti-aging.  Activate brain cells, increase oxygen intake, effectively improve memory power and helps alleviating senile dementia symptom.

- Relieves menopausal syndrome.  Regulates endocrine system, alleviates gynecological complications during climacteric age.

- Promotes aesthetic beauty, longevity

- Alleviating cancer symptoms and anti cancer.  Enhances immune power of cancer patients; relief symptomatic pains and agony caused.


A bouquet of health is better than bundles of presents.

DNA Life Korea Ginseng Powder effectively invigorates bodily vital Qi, restores bodily resistance and dispels invading pathogenic factors. Prolonged intake delays aging process and promotes longevity. 6 years old Korean Ginseng being the only derivative of the elegantly packaged DNA Life Korea Ginseng Powder; it is processed through state of the art low temperature technology to effectively reduces “dryness and heat” properties of Ginseng, thereby making it a pivotal choice of health-tonic for middle aged adults and senior norms.

Signature Gift of All Seasons !

DNA Life Ginseng effectively elevates immune capability

Sign of dedication and concern towards recovering patients.