DNA LIFE Deer Placenta


DNA Life Placenta Capsules ingredients sourced from fresh placenta cells. Placenta contained rich source of nutrients and growth factors with functions to determine the healthy development of a fetus. The young and vigor placenta cells will revitalize and invigorate the old and degenrerating cells in the body, stimulating them to be renewed and function with restorative efficiency. Fostering continued enhancement and meintaineance of bodily organs functions.


Anti Aging

Rich in natural antioxidants and phyto-nutrients that delivers effective nourishments to bodily machanisms, especially the blood stream, muscles, bones and reproductive tissues.

♦ Helps resist ageing effects, regulates imbalances and restores damaged cells.

♦ Repairs free-radical damaged cells; therefore delays aging process; fostering deep and lasting rejuvenations.

♦ Enhances resistance capability against aging effects.

♦ Balances and regulate the reproductive system.


Immune System

Immune system being the most vital machanism among bodily systems, therefore, its prevailing healthy conditions is of vital importance Promote speedy recovery from illness and degenerating health conditions.

♦ Act as energy booster against general fatigue weakness.

♦ Prevent premature degeneration of bodily cells. In addition to its revitalizing efficacies, it effectively fosters renewal of younger and healthier cells in replacement of withered old cells.

immunPlacenta cells contained “stem cells” which is capable of diffretiating and replaces degenerated cells. Numorous degenerative diseases such as arthritis, diabetes mellitus, senile dementia, osteoporosis, skin wrinkles, circulatory disturbances, menopause, sexual impotence and chronic fatigue can benefit elleviated through the stimulation of fresh placenta cells. Scientists believe that one of the most important effects of fresh placenta cells therapy is the enhancment of immune system. Strong immune systems are important for promotion of longevity and maintainance of cellular, organs and bodily optimun healthy condition, it is the surveillance system of the body.

Advancement Of Technology

The presence of freeze-drying technology enables the availability of “live cell therapy” to the public in capsule form.


Deer protein and placenta is utilized in due of its bio compatibility with human body and is known to provoke no allerginic reactions.


Today, the world’s rich and famous, including well-known personalities and VIPs are known to subscribe to placenta injections in Switzerland to maintain their youthful bloom. Celebrities from Hollywood, Taiwan and Hong Kong use stem cell to preserve their youthful appearances, politicians use stem cells to maintain vitality and endurance. These placenta transfusions effectively foster dramatic effects, but you are required to visit the aesthetic clinic by flight to Switzerland for the exclusive transfusion terapy with the pending minimum bill payment of the least USD 30.000.

Healthy & Beauty

Clinically proven effective facial rejuvenation ingredients,

♦ Efficacy enhanced skin anti-aging regimen that renders protections and restores skin tissues.

♦ Maximizes rejuvenation benefits through enhancement of anti-aging properties.

♦ Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.

♦ Effectively treats damaged skin.



♦ Accelerates natural bodily repair process.

♦ Support healthty joints, nerves and skin tissues.

♦ Improves motion articulations, supports joint lubrication and reduces minor pains and aches.

♦ Nourishes muscles and bones.