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Mr Low Chin Chang

Graduated from the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, The enterprising Mr.Low pioneered his career as Chinese physician. His vast experiences and abundance of knowledge crystallized in his involvement in many years of research with regards to Chinese complimentary/healthcare medicines, with subsequent advancement in later stage of his professional practices. In the year 1997, he spearhead into Radix Ginseng business, promoting the amazing efficacies of Radix Ginseng and benefited many.
Further to his achievement, he established the first Radix Ginseng processing plant in Malaysia in year 2001. With 15 years of involvement as an enterprising industrialist, practicing marketing and manufacturing operations under one roof, Mr.Low’s distribution channels extended as far as Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.
Mr.Low has been actively participating in community services and used to hold pivotal leadership position as Chairman of the International Lions Club President 308B1 year 2008-2009
  • To promote healthcare wellbeing awareness to public at large
  • Through concerted fighting spirits of partner members, to recapture the long lost dignity of the entrepreneurship norms