Company Profile

Company Profile in Brief

With its inception in the month of April 2012, DNA Life Global was spearheaded and established by three visionary professionals, respectively holding high esteem in their individual industrial circles of IT industry, Chinese Medicine and Healthcare Supplements; with further enhancement of keen and staunch support from groups of entrepreneur professional peers. Our GMP authenticated pharmaceutical factory was established in the month of August, 2001. With Korean Ginseng and Deer placenta as our core products; and we are blessed with more then a decade of marketing experience.

DNA Life Global champions the philosophy and mission of “Care and concern for lifelong beauty and wellbeing” through introduction of a series of anti-aging regimens and products. Coupled with the esteemed support and encouragement from groups of entrepreneur leaders, thus far we have successfully established a sound and seamless network platform in the industry; with Malaysia as hub, bearing global perspectives.

All acquaintance and peers are cordially invited to concertedly establish, share, and prosper in the attainment of successes, riches and abundances through such wonderful platform!